What is my Client Area used for?

The Client Area is all about your personal and product(s) information.

It requires a username (email address) and password to login.
This is where you update your contact information, credit card information, and any additional contact information.
Your order(s) information is listed here, and you place new order(s) from here. You can order domain names, services, and products. You can View details of invoices past and present.
This is the area you come to View, Print and Pay invoices as well.
You should send your support Tickets from here rather than from outside of the login so they will all be saved in your client area email account for you.
You can also see all emails that have been sent to you from your hosting company back for a period of time by the hosting company, along with all orders, invoices and receipts.
  • Client Area, products, contact information, payment details, orders, invoices
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