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Who are we and what do we do?

We help you build your website. Like with building a house, you need to design the perfect functional space. This is why EziWeb promises support within 24 hrs Mon-Fri. We know what it takes to make your vision work, so we can recommend the ideal plan for you – that is not too big, not too small, but just right.

Before you start building your website or webhome, you need to buy webspace or land. This is where our various builder plans come in handy – from foodie blogs to e-commerce sites, we have the right tools for the right outcome. And when it all starts coming together, we have the support structure that will help you get your webhome up – whether it is through content development or technical support, our team of expert structural engineers, architects and interior designers are here to ensure your desired outcome.

Dirk C Lourens

Director and Web Developer

Trained in Internet Marketing [UCT], Masterclasses in Internet Fundraising, Social Media Training, Joomla Web Design Training, Diploma in General Management, BA Theology, BD Theology and various Management courses.

With a sound sense for business and creative flair, Dirk sits comfortably at the wheel taking on the role as web developer and strategist ensuring that you get the right web solution. Years’ experience: 20+.
Experience: Operations management, web development and design, online marketing, training and mentoring, and public speaking.

Anna Bannink

Copywriter & Content Consultant

Trained Joomla and WordPress Web Designer, BIS Publishing [cum laude], BIS Publishing Hons [cum laude].    

With a natural instinct for communication, Anna has the ability to transform lacklustre text into vibrant content that moves an audience ensuring that every page plays the part. Years’ experience: 4+.
Experience: Editing, proofreading, content writing and sourcing, proposal writing, formatting, online media and social networking, research and CMS.

Our Values

We are support services orientated. With us, owning and managing a website is Exciting. Tailored to the South African market, we ensure value for money and the best web tools to Expand your business. Owning a website does not need to break the bank! And neither do you need to be a tech fundi!

Don’t be scared of the web neighbourhood! We are here to introduce you to the neighbourhood every step of the way. And, as you gain confidence, we can help you expand your website even further.


EziWeb provides the internet entrepreneur and/or hobbyist the opportunity to provide their services for some income without having to keep up with all the administrative requirements that hosting a site requires. We are here to make your online experience as easy as possible.

Site builders

EziWeb provides you with the opportunity to develop your Internet skills and your web presence. We have all the internet components for a successful website. We offer you a low-cost, low-risk option that is your best chance of succeeding online. We aim to provide professional, cost-effective and user-friendly web hosting and web construction for: Hobbies, Families, Clubs, Organisations, Schools, Churches and Businesses.


EziWeb supports Open Source Software. As such, you will be charged for the time and skills used to create and administer your website and as far as possible not for the software itself. Allthough Site.pro is proprietory software we offer to you free of charge!

Content Management

Where possible, EziWeb uses Open Source Software like the popular WordPress and Joomla CMS to enable anyone to manage their content in a professional and attractive way.


EziWeb can advise you on current web promotions, joining certain search engines, connecting your site with social media and using SEO to your advantage.

Site Maintenance

EziWeb can maintain your website at a small monthly fee. See our Support and Maintenance Plans.

ZACR Accredited

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